Quite often all the training in the world won’t give you a better photograph than being in the right place at the right time. I was in Bal Harbor shooting Antonio Bachour’s second pastry book and had an opportunity to photograph a couple of dishes by the executive chef of  J & G Grill.

Check out where the sun is in the first set of photos. You can see how much smaller the sun spot was from the time the chef set the plate until I shot it. That spot was good for about three minutes. In the second set of photos, I found a fountain with only a quarter inch of water. It was the perfect setting for an oyster dish.

Both dishes were created by  Executive Chef Brad Kilgore at The St. Regis, Bal Harbor, Florida.



FISH(Above) Torched Wild Black Cod, Seabean-Garbanzo “Hummus,” Almond Ponzu, Pickled Green Almonds, Compressed Green Strawberries, Pomegranate, and Seaweed Oil


Oysters with Mignonette Gelee Presented in their  “Natural Setting,” Squid Ink “Rocks,” Verjus Sea Froth, Wakame


 Text and photos by Battman