Esquire has spoken: A Miami pastry chef is the Pastry Chef of the Year. The magazine has published its Best New Restaurants in America 2019 and has singled out Antonio Bachour as the pastry chef of the year.

If you’ve ever eaten one of Bachour’s pastries, you’ll know why. Here’s how Esquire described him: “Antonio Bachour, raised in Puerto Rico, has become an Instagram star because of his jewel-like, wildly creative sweets, but at his new full-service restaurant in the Miami area, we also get to see how a virtuoso baker can work miracles with a Cuban sandwich and an avocado toast.” For “Miami area,” read “Coral Gables.” You can also try Bachour’s gorgeous desserts at Time Out Market Miami in Miami Beach and The Citadel in Miami.

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In 2020 he’ll open an outpost in Downtown Doral. Sadly, no new Miami restaurants made the list, which named Washington D.C.’s Seven Reasons as the best new restaurant and concentrated heavily on hot spots in the New York and Los Angeles areas. But the list raved about upscale Chinese restaurant Hutong in New York, dubbing it as Import of the Year and writing that the hot spot “fully delivers on the glorious promise of everything dim sum can be.” Miami diners now have the chance to check out the Hong Kong-based restaurant for themselves: Hutong recently opened a location in Brickell with its own Great Wall.

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