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At The Chef’s Connection, we take you inside the kitchens of top restaurants, connecting you directly with the premiere chefs of the culinary world.

This is where you’ll hear from chefs directly. Our relationship with these chefs is casual, intimate and personal. You want to know what they’re cooking; we’ll show you. You want to know what they’re thinking; we’ll find out.

We invite you to explore our site for an insider’s view of the culinary world. Try out a new recipe, check out our expansive list of restaurants, hear a funny story from a chef, get the stories behind the chefs’ tattoos, browse our gorgeous photo galleries, and more. We also have a comprehensive calendar of culinary events and a newsletter to keep you in the know.

For industry professionals, our site can connect you to your next job, and to each other, as well as host your job listings. Talk with your fellow professionals, or join a wider conversation where you can swap information on ingredients, tools and equipment, and cooking techniques. You can also share your own photos, recipes, and website links.

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