Making of the Street Eats Cookbook

My book, Street Eats, was probably the most interesting book that I’ve produced for the Great Gathering of Chefs.  Almost 200 chefs doing their take...

Celebrating Madison Square Chefs

On July 18th I was at the Madison Square Park for the Celebrating Madison Square Chefs 2018 event. I donate my time every year to help raise money to maintain the park. There were 29 of the best restaurants in the neighborhood. The event was great. The weather was not.

Chef Suzanne Cupps Talks Mentors and Management

The winds of change blew through the mass of curls on my head as I trotted up the couple of stairs that lead to the glass front doors of the Whitney...

Top 10 Deep Dark Secrets

Everyone has a secret and chefs are no exception. Here is the first list of 10 French Master Chefs spilling their guts out for us. 1- Married the...

Battman, Bachour, the Bowery, and Baoburg

I spent two weeks in Cancun working with Antonio Bachour on a new book in partnership with Palace Resorts. It was such a culture shock watching the Mexican workers. They are extremely hard working, very fast and seemingly always smiling – all for $4.00 a day. They couldn’t believe that my rent is $160.00 a day. The commissary was constantly being cleaned and a lot of hand work.

Chef Sōta Atsumi Says Paris is All About Romance

Chef Sōta Atsumi is a Japanese chef who has been working in Paris for the last twelve years. Sōta started his French experience studying in Lyon at the Estoffier school. There he earned the trust of Chef Troigros, who gave Sōta the chance to do a stage at his restaurant which was a wonderful six month experience.
Sōta then moved to Paris and the restaurant Stellas Maris, near the Champs Élysées, where he studied the basics of French gastronomy under Chef Yoshino for four years. After having spent one year at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Chef Nakayama contacted Sōta to become Sous-Chef of his restaurant Toyo.

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