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The Strangest Things That Chefs Have Eaten.

  1. Dried Catepillar, live bugs called Jumiles in the state of Puebla in Mexico they were served with Cecina, a dried beef served grilled in the markets. The taste of the Jumiles was very strong and curious. Very special.

                                                               Chef Alain Roussel at La Ferme

  1.  Mamelle de vache (cow udder)

                     Culinary Director, Joel  Guillon for Leftbank Brasserie Lb Steak in California

  1. Kangaroo, Crocodile.

                            Senior Culinary Director, Eric Barale at the Apollo Group in Miami FL.

  1. At first it was the recipes of my wife! But she has really improved and now she always cooks for us at home.

                                      Executive Chef, David Werly at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

  1. Delta’s chicken and fake crackers

                                                 Executive Chef, Bryce Shuman at Betony NYC

  1. Mexican Fungus that grows on corn

                                             Chef/Owner, Ron Ben-Israel at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

  1. Ants and Testicles

                                             Executive Chef, Ari Nieminen at Garden City Hotel

  1. Barbecued Sparrow in Tai Chung, Taiwan after much alcohol consumption. 1969

                                                           Chef, Bruce Clark at Petersburg

  1. Goose Intestines at a Chinese restaurant on Houston street in NYC. The name escapes me.

                              Executive Chef, Nicholas Gatti at Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater NJ

  1. Zebra

                                                               Chef Heimo Staudinger

  1. I try everything all the time. Maybe cat.

                                                             Chef Alejandro Bermudez

  1. Alligator, it’s not very good!

                                   Executive chef Olivier Gaupin at Saltwood charcuterie and car

  1. Ants, it has a surprisingly interesting lemony flavor

                Director of Culinary Technology, Herve Malivert at the International Culinary Center

  1. Live Snake heart with Chinese Vodka shot

          Executive chef, Eric Branger at The Ritz Carlton LA &  JW Marriott  LA. 

  1. Rambutan-a fruit from Southeast Asia that is spiny and red on the outside. They are delicious!

                              Executive Chef, Chris Jaeckle at All’onda and Uma Temakeria.

  1. It was a pasta dish I played with with tomatoes and miso. Absolutely awful. But hey, now I know

                                       Chef de Cuisine, Anastacia Song at Porta, Jersey City

  1. Turtle Shell Jelly

                                                                    Chef Anthony Ricco

  1. Bulls testicles, eyes and brains

                                                               Chef Mirany Moliviatis

  1. Ants

                                                                Chef Carles Mampel

  1. I had ostrich jerky at an ostrich farm in California once. That’s definitely up there on the list for me.

                                            Pastry Chef, Stephen Collucci at Cookshop, NYC

  1. Braised snake meat

                                 Chef Instructor, Geoffrey Tulloch at Food and Finance High School

  1. I think squid ink is strange and I love it. But who ever thought that would be good? Did they dream that shit?

                                          Pastry chef, Adrienne Gagnier at Cookshop

  1. Pickle Juice Ice Pops

                                                              Pastry Chef Tracy Obolsky

  1. Cod Milt, Cod Sperm

                                                                 Chef Gabriel Pantoja

  1. Lamb Brain

                                                                  Chef Amanda Cook

  1. Guinea Pig tastes like a pig and a rat had a baby

                                Corporate Executive Pastry Chef, Thiago Silva at Catch NYC

  1. Duck Testicles

                                                                   Chef Adin Langille

  1. Larb Mote Daeng (Red Ants Eggs) on a street food market in Thailand

                 Executive Chef, Thomas Bellec at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

  1. Cow Udder

                                      Chef/Owner, Frédéric Lange at Lavender Restaurant


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