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Hey Chefs, “What Was Your First Food Job?”

  1. I was a pantry cook – Chef/Owner, Frédéric Lange at the Lavender Restaurant
  2. I was helping out at my grandparents family business Boulangerie, a patisserie in my hometown – Executive Chef, Thomas Bellec at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, a Four Seasons Hotel
  3. Selling beignets on the beach in Les Sable D’olonne, FR – Executive Chef at the Ritz-carlton Los Angeles, JW Marriott Los Angeles LA. Live
  4. Bus Boy at 14/Olive’s Pastry Dept. – Pastry Chef, Thiago Silva 
  5. Snack bar at a pool – Amanda Cook
  6. Dishwasher at a yacht club in Michigan – Steve Dustin
  7. Carvel – Pastry chef, Tracy Obolsky
  8. Making cinnamon rolls and pastries at a river guiding town in Stanley, Idaho – Pastry chef, Adrienne Gagnier at Colicchio & sons
  9. Prepared dinner for a family of four. A 3 course meal. I was paid $400.00. – Chef instructor, Geoffrey Tulloch at Food and Finance High School
  10. Friendy’s in New Jersey making ice cream Sundays – Pastry chef, Stephen Collucci at Cookshop, NYC
  11. With my mom at home – Carles Mampel, Barcelona
  12. In a little Japanese restaurant in Argentina – Susana Botero
  13. Cook for priest in church on Saturday – Anthony Ricco
  14. Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins. The smell of hot fudge and coffee will never leave my memory. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure yet. – Chef de Cuisine, Anastacia Song 
  15. My first job was a stock boy at the Grand Union in Garden City, Long Island. – Executive Chef, Chris Jaeckle chef owner Uma Temakeria
  16. I did a stage when I was 14 years old at a Michelin Star fine dining restaurant called Le Fer Rouge, whose owner Patrick Fulgraff was a rising star in Alsace. At the time, I had no idea what all this meant, but from the moment I started there, I got hooked on the beautiful presentations, exotic and precise flavors, and the chefs’ lifestyles; it was almost like I had joined a famous rock band! – Executive Chef, David Werly at Hotel: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
  17. Garde Manger, I started in a kitchen just after I graduated from cooking school. – Director of Culinary Technology, Herve Malivert at the International Culinary Center
  18. 1986, first day of apprenticeship, I walked into the kitchen and there was a bag of live eel and fresh langoustine, I was shown how to clean them and spent the day doing it, I also remember the chef yelling at me on my first day because it took me too long to do what I was supposed to do, will never forget that day! – Executive chef, Olivier Gaupin at Saltwood Charcuterie and Bar
  19. Selling ice cream and orange drinks for Good Humor on Good Humor on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Walking the sand with 2 boxes filled with dry ice and product. I was 14 years old.     – Executive Chef, Nicholas Gatti at Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater NJ
  20. International House of Pancakes, Baltimore, MD, I lasted 4 days was doused by a 5 gallon jug of boysenberry syrup, the manager would not let me go home for a shower,, so I quit on the spot, in my defense I could have walked home and back in less than 5 minutes. – Chef, Bruce Clarks at Petersburg

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