• Thursday , 30 March 2017

Alfio Longo, Executive Chef at Circo, Shares His Award-Winning Pesto Recipe – Video

Alfio Longo, Executive Chef at Circo, is representing New York in the International Pesto Championship this month, in Genoa, Italy. Watch him teach our own Jamie Otis how to make his prize-winning pesto.


Chef Alfio Longo’s Traditional Genovese Pesto Recipe
  1. 30 grams / 1 ounce
 pine nuts
  2. 4 bunches / 80 grams / 3 ounces
 basil, small leaves only
  3. 20 grams / 0.7 ounce
 Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated
  4. 15 grams / 0.5 ounce Fiore Sardo Pecorino cheese, grated
  5. 2 garlic, half cloves, cut off the middle part (too strong) 40 ml / 3 tablespoons extra virgin Italian olive oil
  1. Press the pine nuts in the mortar until almost creamy.
  2. Remove nuts and add the basil leaves to mortar.
  3. Press the basil with the pestle with a gentle hand until you have an almost creamy consistency.
  4. When you have a bright green color from the basil, add the parmesan and pecorino cheeses little by little, pine nuts, and extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Continue pressing until well incorporated.
  6. Add salt to taste.
  1. Special Equipment: Mortaio; marble mortar and pestle. [Ceramic plates can also be used for crushing, but only if a more rustic taste is preferred.]
  2. • Use authentic Italian ingredients for best flavors.
  3. • The conversions from grams are approximate only, please use grams as the measurement for most accurate results.
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